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Rubber Speed Hump

Designed for noise and impact reduction. Quick and easy installation and maintenance. Rubber speed humps can be manufactured in many colors such as yellow, orange, and black.

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     Rubber Speed Hump

RUBBER SPEED HUMP from Saeng Thai Rubber Co., Ltd. is made of natural rubber. The specially designed structure and shape of the speed hump provides high performance to bear high vehicle loads.

The wide span of the hump gives smooth traveling for vehicles over its body. Installation of speed humps is easily done by bolting them to the existing cement or asphalted floor.

Each piece of the speed hump has the longitudinal length of 50 centimeters, which makes it easy not only to handle and install, but also to be replaced by a single piece when any piece is worn out or accidentally damaged.

Textures on hump’s surface provides better grip for the vehicles.


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